22-year-old Job Hunter Gang Raped and Shot On the Head in Johannesburg

Late Kwanele

Two siblings meet a tragic View of the Day while returning from a Job Interview, after the two Job Hunters were Stopped by Unknown Armed Men, Gang Raped the Girl and pierced her Head with Bullets. The Brother Survived the Black Day as the Gunmen left him with Injuries after throwing him off a Moving Car in Johannesburg

The two Carolina indigenes were identified as Kwanele Fezile Zuma and Ngceboyenkosi Minende Zuma took a Ride while coming Back from Job Interview in Johannesburg back to they Domain when the incident Happened.

South Africa is the highest Sexual Abusing Country. Sexual violence is the use of force or manipulation to get someone to engage in unwanted sexual activity without their consent.  During 2015/16, there were 51,895 crimes of a sexual nature reported to the South African Police Service.

  South African actress Andrea Dondolo on Table Mountain in Cape Town, as part of One Billion rising, to call for an end to violence against women and girls.

Torixus Media was told that on Thursday, the 22-Year-Old Ngceboyenkosi told Kwanele that they should try Entering a Passing Vehicle Since is late for them to wait to get a Taxi going to Emalahleni, which is over 110km from they Point of stand.

"We both attended our interviews on Monday morning. When we were done, we headed home because Kwanele had to go to work the next day as she was a general worker at a mine in Carolina. The taxi [from Johannesburg] dropped us off in Witbank and we hitchhiked. Another taxi with several men inside stopped to give us a ride. I then realised that the taxi was taking a road to Ogies and before I could ask any questions, one of the men hit me with a gun in the back of my head. They threw me out of the moving taxi," said Ngceboyenkosi. He said he blacked out and only woke up in hospital the next day, where he was told that Kwanele was dead.

"I am unable to walk, hence I'm on this wheelchair. Doctors say my spinal cord is injured."

Kwanele Fezile Zuma 

According to the Twin like brother, Sanele Zuma, confirmed that the men Gang raped his Sister before shooting her in the Head

"We waited for them until 10pm [on Monday]. We thought they were stranded. The next morning, our other brother and my elder sister went to tell her manager at the mine that she won't be coming to work. We went to the police to report that my siblings were missing; and at around 10am, we got a call that they have been found and were in hospital. But when we asked Ngceboyenkosi about Kwanele, he told us that he last saw her in the taxi before he was thrown out," said Sanele.

 The Police on the case, presented a Base spokesperson named Bri Leonard Hlathi who said that the Police are Carrying  Out three Cases which are  cases of murder, attempted murder and possible rape.
While confirming the incident, Hlathi Said the Mother of the Victim Cried profusely while Relating her view about the tragic Incident that before them, that she was hoping for a better Living after her daughter went for the interview. Saying that she hoped that the daughter will GEF a Job and help the financial Crisis of the Family. Kwanele only started working at the mine last month.

Kwanele Fezile Zuma 

"I'm very hurt about this. When she went for this interview I thought she would take us to greener pastures ... but I didn't know that going to this interview would lead to her death."

Gert Sibande mayor Muzi Chirwa visited the family yesterday and said they would help the family with funeral arrangements