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South African Pastor Caught Healing Members with Fart (Photo)

-Young and Upcoming Prophet Chris Pelonope was photographed farting on one of his church members' head.
-Self proclaimed Man Of God says he was administering holy spirit in the head his church members. 

It’s happening in the spiritual theatre as the giraffe structured pastor stationed at South Africa heals with farting spirits. An ocean of South Africans kill each other to que for the line so that they may receive their blessing through his anointed carbon-monoxide germinating from his anal opening which is believed to be a special bowl of wealth and great things. 

“I have almost two months here queuing for this man to fart on my nostrils so that I may start winning tenders at my native country Namibia. How I wish to enjoy the aroma coming from his annointed bowl of great wealth and destiny. Most of people pay handsomely to collect the farting aroma on bottles to always smell when they initiate business meetings and deals. 

The man is very good as I have seen people who visited his church driving SUV’s and Muranti cars.” Cites some charcoaled skinned man with a pushed in face of a professional footballer cementing how the young pastor is a need in these very difficult days.

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