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Avoid Relatives Who Disrespect Your Mother – Tonto Dikeh

Parents are People we look up-to in Life, we believe that they are the God we See Here on earth. The Love they have for us should not in anyway Be a Curse to them.

We are to Protect their self Image and make sure they lack nothing when Old age Calls or when they can't be capable to carry Out functions.

At that Piece, A Popular Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh who lost her mum for Over a Decade Now Issued a Piece of advice to her followers on Social Media concerning Respect. She talked about the need to give an unfair Treatment to relatives who don't respect their Mum.

She Made the statement in a Recent Post culled from torixus.com. she said that Mothers Bore Us and for that reason, People who don't respect them don't Even take us for anything.

The mother-of-one said that any relative who disrespects their mother should be avoided.

In her words;

”Avoid relatives that hate your mom, and disrespect her. The truth is that if they can’t respect your own mother who you hold in high regard, their regard for you is superficial and fake.

“Anyone who vehemently dislikes you shouldn’t be anywhere close to your children. This life is deep and the heart of men is malignant.

“How do you know they mean your child well when they dislike you?

“How do you know they mean you well when they loathe the womb that bore you?

“Be vigilant; when they can’t get you, someone close to you becomes the next target. So, shield your children from people that mean you no good.”

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