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DJ Cuppy Caught Sleeping In Public With Her Mouth Wide Open (Video)

DJ Cuppy

The Lady Pictured Above is DJ Cuppy, she's  the Daughter of famous Nigerian Billionaire, Femi Otedola.

She is also Popular More than any being In her locality as she is well recognized for her Kind way of entertaining People with her Profession.

She has Gained Many Endorsement over the Years Ranging from Pepsi to Others especially Local Brands.

Torixus Media Posted a Video of her Sleeping in an Open Environment having her Whole Mouth wide Open but still her Beauty was still Maintained.

We All Know that Most People are themed very Ugly once they are Caught in the act of sleeping or Once they are Out of the bed without Washing their Face. But DJ Cuppy's Case is different due to her Beautiful look even in the Act of Sleeping.

Internet Users were suprisebto see the manner she was dozing but that didn’t stop them from complimenting her beauty and equally advised she gets good rest after stress.

Notwithstanding, DJ Cuppy recently celebrated her recent milestone of reaching a million followers on popular social media app, Twitter despite the criticism she gets.

Watch the Video Below:

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