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Justin Bieber, Quavo’s music Video ‘Intentions’ Preaches Gospel of Love

In a Work of Goodness, Music Star who recently battled mantel Ill health have Released a New Song Video.

The Music Video which he featured Quavo Presents a Display of the need to Help save Unhappy Souls of People Living without Hope.

Many times Now, we've seen series of Video showing the music Star Preaching the Need to help Ourselves when in Need.

Torixus Learnt that the music focused on the need to Help women and Children Who Don't have Shelter and secure a Safe Housing for them.

The song features rapper Quavo from Migos is the latest of the ‘Yummy’ singer’s upcoming Album “Changes”, which is scheduled to be released on February 14.

Justin Bieber, who is rejoining the music circuit with his fifth studio album, has focused the Los Angeles-based charity Alexandria House, which offers housing for women and children.

The singer has already released a couple of songs of the album. The lyrics to “Intentions” mark it as a love song, Bieber uses it to express his love for the suffering humanity.

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