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Kill Cows to Celebrate Your Parent's Birthday, Don't Celebrate them when they Die - Reno Warns

Do not wait for your parents to die, celebrate them now – Reno Omokri


A Well known Nigerian author and Preacher, Bemigho Reno Omokri in his daily Advice Issued a Serious Need for Young People to Remember and take Good Care of their Parents as They are still Breathing.

The Owner of Christian teaching TV show Talked about the "Needful" Many things Nigerians Overlooks thinking that is normal to Live with.

Parents are God's Gift to Man, they Nurture what they Begot Right from when they are still in Womb till when they Became full Human being that can take Up Responsibility.
Torixus Learnt that Over 70% of Parents Don't Get Back what they suffered for to Make out Good for their Children.
Children are expected to take Good Care of their parents when Age is No longer On their Side and Help them since Aged people do behave like Children.

Reno Said that People should be very careful with the way they behave to their Parents. Adding that Children should tell their Parents whatever they are planing to tell them when they Die.
Aiming his Point that even if is Possible, that there is need to Kill Cows during Birthday and celebrate them than Waiting to kill the Cow During funeral.

According to Reno, the dead can not hear nor enjoy, thus it is important that people celebrate their parents while they are still alive.

In his words;

”Dead bodies can’t hear. A corpse can’t enjoy. So, don’t wait until your parents die. Celebrate them now. Tell them all the things you are reserving to say at their funeral. It will please them more than those who will attend their funerals. And renovate their house while they are living in it, instead of doing it after they die to impress those you invite for their funeral. And on their birthday, kill the 2 cows you planned to kill for strangers to eat at their burial. Let them enjoy, since their corpse cannot enjoy it!”

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