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Pope Francis Cancels Proposal to Sign Married Priest in Remote Areas

The Bishop of Rome have Placed a Final Decision concerning Acceptance of Having Married Priest in Catholic Church.

From the Day when the Catholic Church was known, the church have made a remarkable Flow of judgement concerning clergy men Ordained with Oil issued on Holy Saturday to get married.

Many Followers of the Church have been wanting for the approval of Priests in Remote areas to Engage themselves with Family responsibilities by allowing them to get a wife for themselves and still serve the Church.

The issue of Removal of Celibacy in Catholic Culture have been on Pope desk ever since he Was Chosen as Pope. 
Torixus Learnt that Bishops in some landmark in October 2019 organized a Proposal to the Vatican house requesting for the approval of Catholic Priests in uncomfortable areas to live in A Family way.

The Pope Rejected the Proposal in a Statement On Wednesday, 12 February, 2020.

Accepting the proposal will Discourage Many Faiths in the Church and will create Hole In teaching of the Church which have long backed the Need to have a sacrificial Church 

The pope’s supporters had hoped for revolutionary change. Seven years into his papacy, it raised the question of whether Francis’ promotion of discussing once-taboo issues is resulting in a pontificate that is largely talk.

His closest advisers in the hierarchy have already acknowledged that the pope’s impact on the global stage, especially on his core issues such as immigration and the environment, has waned. His legacy, they have said, would ultimately reside inside the church where his authority is absolute.

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