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Speed Darlington Declares Love for Mercy Eke, says Female Celebrities Can’t be Faithful

Popular Nigerian Musician, Speed Darlington has Raised a Controversial Statement concerning the Big Brother former housemate, mercy Eke whom he said he Loves and will Like to Date her.

The Recent Publication was Made by the Igbo Rapper on his Instagram Page On 10th  February, 2020 Saying that he can afford to have Mercy Eke as his woman and Maintain her Good Looking Profile.
Speed Darlington said that the Only Thing Preventing him to Shut his target is because of Imperfection in life of Many Celebrities especially Female Celebrities in  Nigeria.
Adding that is very hard for them to be faithful to One man.

Speed Darlington wrote: “I can afford this girl without any doubt but the question is will she be faithful? One thing I realized about all these musicians and actresses in Nollywood is that very few of them can keep a man. If you noticed all these famous Nigerian ladies can’t keep a man”.

He went on to analyze her dress and concluded that it means he would be able to afford her.

He added: “That dress is cheap. It looks like something you can get from Pretty Girl on Fordham road in Bronx New York. It’s not a shade I’m just analyzing to see if I can carry the load”.

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