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Tekno Reveals 3 Reasons Why he Quit Smoking After 5 Years

Popular Nigerian Singer and Dancehall master, Tekno have Always kept his Fan with a Smiling Look after Releasing His last Track.

The Singer is well known for his Bomb track he do releases almost every month and has really Sparked his daily Engagement Online.

Recently, his Fans Where shocked to receive the news that the Igbo Blood has given a Bad Odd to Smoking and said he will Not Smoke Again for Some Reasons

And Now, we've done a Ground check and Observed the reason behind Tekno Quitting Burning cigarette.

Below are the three(3) Reasons why Tekno stopped smoking.

1. Health Issue: Last Year, the news Concerning the bad health Nature of Tekno surfaced Online and is really bad to an extent that Many of his fans became afraid that the singer will kick-the-Bucket after he started becoming Very Slim and was Working gently in a Video that went viral Online in 2019. Torixus Reported that he was diagnosed with Vocal Disorder Called 'Gastroesophageal reflux' and he was told that he may not be able to Sing again but thanks to God He recovered. And to Push his career More forward and never to Let it occur again, the singer decided to Stop smoking to maintain his healthy Living.

2. Role Model: We know how much People Loves Tekno and how they Look up to him especially Young People, the singer found it interesting that One of the ways to Pass good message to the Public and maintain healthy relationship with People is to be Passing Only Positive Vibe to Young People especially in the society by Ending contributing to Global warming.

3. inspiration: Tekno was probably inspired by his senior colleague in the industry in the person of Don jazzy who has quit smoking over a year now and is doing well.

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