Coronavirus Patients Captured on Camera Dancing in One of the Isolation Centres (Video)

People that are living Freely are showing  Great Pity to those affected and trapped by Covid-19 in different isolation Centres. But a New Video has Showcased that although they are Suffering of Covid-19 but Still maintains Some Proportion of health Balance that permits them to Engage in Social activities while talking medications.

Tens of Coronavirus Patients has been Captured on Phone Camera Dancing, Singing and having Fun in One of the isolation Centres in the Country.

The Video which Surfaced Online on 18 May, 2020 Saw one Man Chanting, another Keeping the Bucket Sound alive while others Dance and sing to the Beat. 

Editor's Pick

Torixus Culled the New Video from a Social Media User named Mbonu Chinedu who said that the Enjoyment in Some of Our isolation Centres are tempting.
 According to him, "The level of fun/enjoyment at some of our isolation centre is tempting."

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