Nigerians Online Reacts as Rolls Royce worth $300,000 (N116,000,000) guts fire in Lagos

Nigerians On Social Media have reacted to the Current trending Video of a Rolls Royce that Got Fire in Lagos State.

 The Rolls Royce is said to Worth Over $300,000 approximately One Hundred and Sixteen Million Naira 

Torixus Learnt that the Incident happened Yesterday, May 21 During Night Hours in Lagos State. At the time of this Report, nothing has been said to be the Cause for the Fire Outbreak.

After the Video Bottomed Online, Many Nigerian Online Users reacted to the Video in Jovial Way not minding the Cost of the Vehicle while Some Blamed the Owner for not taking Measures which would have Caused no Harm to the Car.

Read Peoples Comment:

"That car is very very cheap! Nothing big about 300,000 dollars. 

The problem is that our currency has no value. That is why ordinary 300,000 dollars which is like 300,000 naira is exchanging at 116,000million naira." Pilo festus Said

"It's just a car not heaven,some of them drive this kind of car while their family members are suffering " Victoria said

"Village people have finally succeeded..always try give them something when you buy brand-new car like that even if it is kolanut and a bottle of dry gin, they'll take off their eyes from you." Henry Olisa

"You drive a Rolls Royce you have no fire extinguishers 
I bet he has giving it to local mechanics to do their nonsense on it, so many Nigerians own old and new expensive cars that they can afford to maintain ." Nonso Said

Another User Named Prince Adadamole advised the owner to Give the Car to insurance Company that Has Comprehensive cover on it. If he Registered with any.

"If the owner has an active Comprehensive Insurance Cover on it, he/she should just give his/her Insurer a call and go to sleep.

It will surely be taken care of either fixing or replacing depending on the level of damages.

Turn your Liabilities to an Asset by covering them with an active Insurance policy..... My one cent!" Prince Adadamole Said.

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