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The Alpha Story (Read till the End)

"DADDY PLEASE!" I begged to my so-called father.

"SHUT UP!!" he hollered back at me.
He whipped me one last time. My back oozed blood and my body trembled with fear. At least today wasn't as bad as every other day. He wasn't drunk today so I didn't have to worry about the broken bottles being shoved into my thighs.

I could never understand how a father could treat a child in such a cruel and inhumane way. What did I ever do to him? Oh, wait... I remember... I killed my mother... According to him, my birth was her death.

My mother was 22 when she became pregnant with me. My father was overjoyed with the pregnancy. Up until he found out that she could not give birth. She would die from it. Knowing that his precious 'Mate' would die from the birth he was quick to change his mind. My mother, on the other hand, refused, as any other good mother would do. Quickly after my birth, my father named me Bane.

Now I know what you're thinking. Isn't Bane the name of a boy? Isn't one of the characters from the comic book series Batman named Bane? Well, my answer is yes and yes. Bane is actually a word that means Destruction, Annihilation, murderer. That is what my father thought of me. I am a murderer.

They say werewolves mate for life. Once a werewolf finds its mate, they are bonded together as one as soon as the male claims the female. Now whereas a normal couple consisting of two werewolves would be mates.

My father and my mother were different. My father is a werewolf. A strong one at best. He was the main fighter of his pack and the second in command. I guess you could call him a Beta. My mother, on the other hand, was a normal human.

She was small and fragile. That's why having a baby killed her. Her body was too small. Now I don't mean small as in underdeveloped. I just mean small as in 5ft and about 110 lbs. My father, on the other hand, was 6'4 and around 220 lbs. My father was easily twice my mother's size. 

"GO TO YOUR ROOM. YOU ARE NOT TO BE FED TONIGHT!" my father's voice smacked me back into reality.

Too scared to say a word I used the little bit of strength I had left and I got up from the floor. I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen and realized that my father had kicked me.

"FASTER" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

I dragged my body upstairs and locked myself in my room. I laid on the bed and tears started to flow from my eyes. 17 years and I still could not endure my father's rage. How pathetic. I should be accustomed to it by now.

I knew that I was bleeding, I walked into my bathroom and turned on the hot water. I stripped from my clothing and slowly climbed in. The water burned my cuts. Capturing the blood and dragging it down the drain. I whimpered but did not move. The pain will pass. The pain makes me feel alive. It reminds me that everything soon passes. I just hope this hell that I call home passes too...

After my shower, I put on a different pair of clothing and climbed into bed. I cried quietly to myself until my sleep consumed me. Darkness, it is my only escape. It is the only thing that makes me feel safe…

Chapter 2 Life Is A Gamble
I woke up the next day to a very large pain in my back. Memories start to flood my head as I start to remember last night. I sigh, nothing new. I slowly get up but I can feel the pain. I hold back a cry and start to get dressed for school. I am putting on my shoes when I hear the front door open. My dad has left. That makes my muscles relax. Thank god...

Once I have finished getting dressed for school I walk downstairs. I pass by the kitchen and see the fridge is locked. Of course, dad said no dinner. He wanted to make sure I wouldn't wake up while he was sleeping and grab something to munch on. I see an apple on the counter and a note next to. 'Eat it. No lunch or dinner today.' I sighed. Oh, course he would leave me something like that. I grab the apple and place it in my backpack. Next, to a granola bar, he left me yesterday morning. I grab a cup and drink some water. I walk out of the house. I'm so happy it's cold. I don't want to wear a sweater while its 90 degrees outside.

I'm wearing a pair of pants and a big sweater. They hide my scars and bruises. Doesn't mean they aren't there. I swing my backpack over my shoulder. I start to walk to my bus stop. I sigh, another day at school. Although I am not bullied in school I can feel that everyone hates me. No one approaches me and teachers just pretend I'm not there. I do the same. I see no point in school. I will grow up and marry someone rich that won't take advantage of me and live happily ever after. Well, at least I think I will.

When I come across an empty seat on the bus. I start to think, I start to make up a fairy tale in my head that I know will never happen. One day someone will notice my scars and bruises and will report my so-called father. They will take me into protective custody and then lock up my dad. Hopefully, when they report me they do it to a werewolf court. Considering my dad is probably one of the strongest werewolves out there. I highly consider someone strong to restrain him. His beatings are much worse than a regular person. I flinch at the thought of him beating me again tonight. A tear threatens to fall down my face but I quickly breathe in and wipe my eyes. Getting rid of any evidence of my moment of weakness. I had enough of that last night.

Once in class, I take a seat in the back. As always the teacher takes attendance. When I don't reply she looks at me and backs down at her computer. Verifying that I'm here I guess. The class passed by at an agonizingly slow rate. We were learning about the Cold War. I didn't pay much attention to the teacher's lecture. My fairly happy endings overwhelmed my mind. I pictured my perfect husband. Tall and built. Caring and never raised his temper. Just perfect.

The bell soon released me from my mind and I began to pack my things. The rest of the day went by like a breeze. Before I knew it I was in the last class. I hated this class. Not because of the students or the teacher. Just because in a few minutes I would be headed home and the beatings would begin.

The final bell rings and I can already feel the beatings on my body. My eyes start to tear up because I know what is waiting for me. I can already feel the whips and the broken glass against my skin. The bus ride home does not seem long enough. Once I reach my stop and get off I sigh. Maybe I can make a run for it. Then again dad will catch me. He always does, then the beatings will be worse. I shudder at the thought. I sigh. 'Oh well might as well. My fate is inevitable.' I start to walk home.

Once I get home I shiver and see my father in the living room.

"Hi daddy" I whisper.

"Shut up and sit down. We are going to talk." He says in a commanding tone.

I shrink into the seat across from him. I notice that Alpha Adam is sitting across from us. I softly smile at him and he returns the smile. My father is the first to speak.
"Bane, we are trading you for land." My father states coldly.

I gasp. My father is trading me for land? Where am I going? Do I really mean nothing to him? Trade? For land? Alpha Adam notices my facial expression and is quick to explain.

"We are just thinking about it," he says softly. "The alpha of the Blue River pack wants to expand into our territory. We let him expand once but now he is taking it too far. We talked it over and he says that if we give him something from our pack that he won't expand. Considering his pack is big and they are much stronger we decided to give him some wolves. Your father said that we could use you." He says trying to calm me.

Tears start to fall down my cheek. Alpha looks at my father with a worried look. Alpha Adam knows that my father beats me, but he doesn't tell him anything. Anytime he does my father replies with 'Don't tell me how to raise my daughter.' My father's voice brings me back into reality.

"Bane keep crying and I'll give you something to cry about"

That quickly makes me sit up and wipe my tears away. I know the Blue River Pack was a bad pack. Aside from being the strongest pack in the U.S, they had the cruelest Leader. He killed any outsiders immediately. Rouges were executed in front of the whole pack. It was a lesson to show that whoever left the pack or crossed the territory had to accept the consequences. I know I would be executed as soon as I arrived.

"Your things are packed, you'll leave right now," My father said coldly.

"What about school?" I ask my voice is close to a whisper.

"You won't need school. It's a waste of time." My father answered with an agitated tone.

Although I did agree with him on the specific topic I knew that school aside from sleeping was my only escape. With one of them missing, would I be able to live my life the way I have been doing these past years? My thoughts quickly escaped me.

"Bane we're doing this for the pack. I hope you can understand" Alpha Adam softly whispered.

I looked up at him. For the pack? I could give for what happens to the pack. They treated me like a piece of dead meat that had been rotting on the ground for too long. People from the pack avoided me so much that I was the only person that was to be sent to a human school.

Now I'm being traded for the pack's benefit? I sighed. Arguing with the Alpha was like arguing with a wall. Both just stand there and didn't listen. Knowing that if I said anything wrong my father would beat me in front of the alpha I decided to keep my mouth shut.

"Who will accompany me?" I asked.

Alpha Adam softly smiled. My father on the other hand just looked at me with a cool look.

"No one, you are to walk alone into the Blue River Pack territory" Stated my father.

I was about to protest when Alpha Adam spoke up.

"I notified Damien and he told me to make you go on your own. Any wolf accompanying you will be killed... I'm sorry"

I faked a smile and softly shrug. Very well. I guess I'm going alone. I softly got up from my seat and headed for the stairs. I noticed a suitcase on the floor and figured it was what I was going to be taking on my trip. I pulled out the handle and laid it on its wheels.

"I guess this is goodbye daddy..." I softly whispered.

"Get out of my house" he responded.

With that, I began my trip to my new home.
Chapter 3 The Journey Begins
I may be in a bad situation but at least for 17 years, I had someone keep a roof over my head. I just hope one day he finds someone who can take care of him. I wouldn't want to end up like him. Not in a million years. Although my situation isn't much better at least I'm young and stronger. His prime time was obviously a very long time ago.

Once at the bus stop I sat on one of the chairs. The bus would arrive in 5 minutes. I was deep in thought when I heard someone talk.

"Are you Bane?"

"Yes... Is there something I can help you with?"

"Come with me, Beta doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"I'm sorry?" I asked in a confused tone. The stranger didn't reply. He only grabbed my arm and started walking to a black SUV. I wanted to scream but I couldn't seem to open my mouth. He quickly pushed me in the car and shoved the door closed. He got on the driver's side and started driving. This was going to be a long car ride.

Just as I had suspected the car ride lasted around 2 hours. Mike the stranger had played many different songs. I learned his name halfway through the ride. All from different genres. I fiddled with my fingers and on occasion, I would stare out into the forest. I was completely and utterly bored. I decided to lay my head back and rest my eyes.

I don't exactly know when I fell asleep but I did. I was awakened by the slamming of a door. I jolted out of my seat. I opened my door and climbed out.

"Where here"

"Woah. This place is bigger than I thought." I mumbled astonished.

Mike just chuckled behind me. He grabbed my bag and helped me walk into a mansion.

"So how is it that you are the strongest wolf alive, yet you have no scent"

"Excuse me?"

"Well the Beta of the Black Forest Pack said that you were the strongest she-wolf in your pack, yet I cannot scent your wolf. How do you cover your scent like that?"

"I don't cover my scent. I am a human." I stated.

"A human? Oh no! Alpha won't like this." He mumbled.

I was quite unaware of what was happening. One of the females had come up to us and she had struck me in the back of the head. Of course, being beat at home by a wolf much stranger than her I was quick to regain balance.

"Come with me human.." She spat out the word human in a distasteful way. Like I was some kind of infection on her tongue. Before I could react she had grabbed me and was dragging me down the halls into a basement looking thing. I started to struggle and she started to get pissed off. After multiple blows to my head and abdomen, I stopped refusing. I just let her drag me. I should have known nothing was going to change.

I was trying not to cry. I guess the fact that my father basically sold me, my pack betrayed me and now that I was in a new pack they were putting me in prison. It was all overwhelming. I fought back tears and waited for them to leave me in my cell. Nancy, the woman from earlier had placed me in a cell and had hit me a few times. I, of course, did nothing to avoid it. I was tired of the beating and quite frankly she wasn't very strong. I guess I did grow accustomed to my father's beatings.

Every time Nancy would hit me I would laugh and ask her if that was all she had. We did that for a few minutes. My body ached and my skin was about to break and release my blood all over the floor. Nancy had stopped. She had grown tired of hitting me and I had grown tired of taunting her.

She left after a few minutes of our stare down. I softly smiled. My body was ready to give in to my dark slumber and I smiled at the thought. Oh, my dark slumber how I have missed you. My escape.

Chapter 4 My Life Is Pain
A few hours passed and I was awakened by a deep voice. The sound of growling and hissing in an inhumane way came from the hallway just outside of the cell I was being kept. I sighed. I know exactly what it came from. A werewolf. By the way that the growling sounded, I knew that it was someone in power. Most likely the Beta since he wanted to see me earlier.

"What do you mean she isn't a wolf?!?" The strong voice hollered.

"I'm sorry Alpha I should have informed you as soon as I found out. You just seemed-" his voice was cut off by a slam on the wall. I flinched. I heard a growl and the opening of a door. I looked down and shut my eyes.

"You. Human. Look at me." The deep voice said.

I refuse. I will not be commanded by someone who is not my alpha.

"The alpha was speaking to you human. Answer him!" A female voice yelled. I knew that voice belonged to Nancy. Then again I don't care.

"First of all, I have a Name. Second of all he is not my alpha, he may be yours but he is my enemy." my voice broke the silence. I was surprised as to how strong it sounded. I felt a swish of air and then a sharp pain in my back. I softly opened my eyes and realized 'The Alpha' had thrown me against the wall. I slowly started to stand up. I was furious. I stood up and softly brushed off my clothing and started to laugh.

"That's all you have? My father was a Beta and still stronger than both of you. Take your best shot."

I was passed furious, now. I grabbed my shirt and lifted it just above my belly.

"Look at this. I'm accustomed to being abused. If you want to take a shot. Go ahead. The punching bag needs to be taught a lesson. Right?!" I screamed with tears in my eyes.

I lowered my shirt and look straight at Nancy. My gaze moved to 'The Alpha'

"C'mon All so mighty Alpha, take your best shot. Kill me for all I care I'm tired of this crap I call a life." I said in a mocking tone. My eyes settled on the Alpha and his eyes held so much emotion. For a split second, they held anger. Soon they were overflooded by lust, love, and pain.

Nancy walked towards me and lifted her hand. She was going to slam it against my cheek but before I could blink she was being hurled through the cell to the wall at the far end.

"Mate" Damien stated while standing in front of me.

His eyes started to sparkle there was a silver shine in them. The silver took up almost most of his eye. I wondered if he would go blind from that. Nancy recovered from the throw and stood up.

"Alpha?" She softly asked.

"No one will touch her... She is my mate.." His strong voice commanded.

Everyone in the cell stood frozen. "Alpha, she is a human. She is trash and needs be executed" One of the wolves came and grabbed my wrist.

He tightened his hold on me softly crushing my wrist. The alpha grabbed his hand and I swear I heard a cracking sound. The wolf whimpered. Yet the alpha didn't even flinch.

"MINE!" he yelled in the wolves face.

My body started to shake and I realize that my back had started bleeding once again. The room was way too humid. It started getting harder to breathe. I started taking in strong breaths of air but ended up panting. Damien looked at me with a worried look soon blackness started to overcome me. I felt my body go limp.
Chapter 5 Found My Mate
Damien's P.O.V

I had just gotten rid of Patricia. I sighed and fell back. She sure knows how to please a guy. Although she does have a tendency to think I care for her. She-wolfs never learn. Love is for the weak. Although I always did believe that I would one day find my mate and we would live happily ever after running the greatest and strongest pack, I knew that those chances were very slim. I was now 21 and still had no mate. By the age of 16 Alphas already obtained their mates from the pack. Considering that werewolves shifted at the age of 13. I, on the other hand, shifted at the age of 9. I took over as Alpha when my father was killed. I was only 14 at the time. The pack knew I would make a good leader because I didn't have a Luna. Luna's are the Alpha's mates yet are what make a man weak. In a way, I was sad and glad that I didn't have a mate. I didn't have any casualties. My enemies had nothing to hold against me. Making me the most powerful alpha in the U.S.

A knock on my door snapped me from my thoughts. My Beta, Mathew opened the door and walked in.

"Alpha... The She-Wolf is here..."

"Very Well show her to her room in the mansion"

"We have a slight problem Alpha.."

A slight problem? I don't like Problems. I like solutions.

"What is it?" I asked slightly agitated.

Mathew lowered his head.

"She isn't strong.." He said calmly.

Isn't strong? She was supposed to be the strongest pack member. Then again it wouldn't surprise me. They were a pretty crappy pack. Even the strongest member was weak. Yet Alpha Adam said his pack was strong, I scoffed at the thought.

"She will train double" I stated.

"It's not that easy Alpha." He softly whispered.

"Why  not? Stop beating around the bush and tell me what is going on"I half yelled.

My agitation quite evident now.

Matthew slightly flinched at my reaction. I know that my eyes were now black. My wolf was ready to surface. My canines were already starting to show.

"She's human.." He stated.

"What? She is a what? A human? SHE'S A HUMAN!?!?" I yelled.

I knew that I was going to go insane. I was using all my strength to fight my wolf back. I quickly walked out of my room and walked to the prison ward. This human has some nerve! How dare she! Oh, but she will sure as hell, pay for this! I'll have her head mounted on my wall.

Once I reached the prison ward the guards bowed and let me through. They asked no questions. I walk to the center and an unfamiliar scent came to me. Probably the human. I noticed that my body relaxed once I inhaled the scent. It was sweet but not to the point where it made you feel as if you are in a candy shop. It smelled like violets and pineapple. Such a mouthwatering scent. I had to focus on what was happening. The scent was getting overwhelming. It made me lose my train of thought.


"Care to explain. What do you mean by she isn't a wolf" I growled.

"I'm sorry Alpha I should have informed you as soon as I found out. You just seemed-"

His voice was cut off. I had slammed him into one of the nearby walls. I opened the door to the cell. The scent hit me like a bag of bricks. This amazing mouthwatering scent. My wolf had calm down. I could almost hear him purring inside me. That's odd, he's never done that before. I had to snap out of my thoughts and focus on what was going on.

"You. Human. Look at me."

I said in a deep voice.

The human girl didn't move. Even flinch at my tone. That aggravated me, everyone else flinches yet she stayed in place. She's a human. I could kill her in one snap. She should be terrified and crying. Yet she didn't even look at me.
"The alpha was speaking to you human. Answer him!"Nancy yelled.

Again she didn't move. I know she isn't dead. I can hear her heart beating and her breathing in and out. Yet she shows no signs of fear. It's obvious someone has to teach her a lesson. She does not know how to act around her superiors.

"First of all, I have a name. Second of all he is not my alpha, he may be yours but he is my enemy."

Her angelic voice broke the silence. She seemed angered. I couldn't help but flinch when she spat out the word enemy. My wolf whined. That angered me. What is she doing to my wolf! I grabbed her by the stomach and flung her across the room to the opposite wall. He back hit it hard. My wolf whined once again and something tightened around my heart. I felt like I had someone knock the air out of me. I am now regretting that. She got up and dusted herself as nothing happened. Is she the daughter of Wonder Woman or something? Damn. Even my pack would be cowering by now, yet this human stood up and dusted herself as nothing happened. She started to laugh. That caught me off guard.

"That's all you have? My father was a Beta and still stronger than both of you. Take your best shot."

She said in an angered tone. I couldn't help but smile at her tone. Even though she was angry, her voice was like good music to my ears. She lifted her shirt and I saw her stomach was all bruised up and cut. I couldn't help but wince at the gruesome sight.

"Look at this. I'm accustomed to being abused. If you want to take a shot. Go ahead. The punching bag needs to be taught a lesson. Right" she hollered.

Tears started to fill her eyes. Abuse? Was she abused in her old pack? My wolf became quite agitated at the thought of her being beaten. She looked at Nancy and then her eyes settled on mine.

"C'mon All so mighty Alpha, take your best shot. Kill me for all I care I'm tired of this crap I call a life." She said in a mocking tone.

She was abused... That really angered my wolf. The fact that she would rather be dead made him howl in sadness, but once her eyes landed on mine. My wolf was on full alert. He howled with glee. 'Mate! Mate! Mate!' He screamed at me.

"Mate...?" I asked myself.

I was now standing in front of her. Although it sounded more like a statement than a question. Everyone in the room froze. My mate just stated into my eyes. I knew that my eyes were showing off the signature silver shine. I felt my eyes go blind for a second. They say that once you find your mate and both of you stare into each other's eyes for a long time there is a small silver shine in your eye. Alphas experience it more but mine was probably the most. I made me go partially blind for half a minute. This is a first. My wolf howled. I was fighting him, he wanted to come out and take his mate and make the bond official. He wanted intimacy with his mate. Right now it was just her and I. No one else mattered.

The faint sound of light footsteps made my mate look away from me. My wolf whimpered he had been enjoying his mates eyes on him. I too was enjoying those perfect sea green eyes on mine. Her eyes made me feel warm inside. When I heard footsteps get closer to my mate my wolf became protective right away. Nothing would hurt her ever again. I promise.

I turned to see Nancy raise her hand at my mate. She was about to slap her. That sight boiled my blood and I was quick to react. I grabbed her by the raised arm and threw her across the room. I heard a crack but I didn't care. As long as it isn't from my mate it doesn't matter to me.

"Alpha?" Nancy whispered once she recovered from my attack.

"No one will touch her... She is my mate...." I stated with authority.

I don't want anyone touching her, looking at her, breathing on her. I don't even want them to think about her. She was mine. All Mine, only mine. I looked back into those engulfing sea green eyes of hers. She was pulling me closer without even saying a word. Her gaze broke away from mine and she shot a glance down at her hand.

"Alpha, she is a human. She is trash and needs be executed" One of my cell ward wolves said while grabbing her wrist.

My wolf trembled with anger and agitation. I know I just said no one would touch her. I specifically said NO ONE! AM I SURROUNDED BY MORONS?! I grabbed him by the wrist as well. I tightened my grip on his wrist until I heard a crack. He whimpered.

"MINE!!!!" I yelled in his face.

I let go and he backed away. I turned to my mate to see her almost fall. I quickly grabbed her while she fainted.

Will The Alpha protect me or abuse me?

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