Two Ways Covid-19 will Disappear, Second Option was used in 1918 to End Influenza

Listed Out the Two Ways Covid-19 will Disappear from the earth surface. The Second Option was used to End Influenza between 1981-1921.

The Entire World are in the Verge of Fighting a humble assailant that has No Gun or Knife, No Protective Coat nor Helmet.

The Fight against Covid-19 is a Semi-Spiritual battle, We Can't see with Our Naked Eyes what made Billions of Businesses to Shutdown.

A Facebook User, John Once Said to his audience that "Humanity has been Brought Low by a Very Humble Assailant."

What Do we Do to tackle the Pandemic ?.

is an everyday question which have been asked by neighbour to a fellow Neighbour. The unending discussion is just to Relate with time and Help their 14 Days Lockdown to Run Fast.

Science of Our Time have said that Production of Medicine that will Conquer SARS-cov-2 will be a Long Achievement and will require Years of study and Research before it Will be Possible. The development Collapsed the Hope of many as they Thought that the Science that I've Built Robot and Found Medication for Ending Malaria will also do the Same for Coronavirus.

Since that can't be actualized, They are Only two Options in which the Pandemic will End on Earth.

1. Production of Vaccine : 

After the Pharmaceutical Sciences Failed in Production of Drug, the World is left with no other option than to Fund Research Institution for the Production of Vaccine which will ease Normal Human Activities and will Bring Everything to Normality.

The Vaccine undergoing test is said to be made of a Virus Resemblance which have less effect than the Virus, Something like a Weak family of Covid-19, It will be inoculated to the Human Body. reaching the Body, the System Produces antidots that will fight against the Covid-19 resemblance and in doing so, Will Alert the Body to fight against any form of that life that will, by any chance Visits the Immune Next time.

Once the vaccine has Reached all Corners of the World, People will be Immune to contract the Virus, Even if Saliva of infected patients enters the Body of uninfected Person.

2: Large Widespread: 

This one sounds funny but is another way of Eradicating the Outbreak. The Second Option is Dangerous and Will Kill Over 100 Million People before it will Normalize.

The Delay in Vaccine Production will Drive nature to Choose the second Option. Which will Result to widespread and will Cause Millions of Death.

Once Covid-19 infects more People and More People, those who will recover are Going to Build up enough immunity to confer herd immunity on the world and the Coronavirus will End on its Own. 

The method was Used between 1918 - 1821 During the Outbreak of Pandemic influenza that Killed more than 130 Million People Worldwide.

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