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Nigerian Preacher Reveals the Reason why Government haven't captured Boko-Haram Leader, Shekau

A Pastor has revealed why the Government of buhari is yet to Arrest Boko-Haram Leader, Shekau.

A Popular Nigerian Clergyman named Adewale Giwa, has made a claim regarding the reason why Buhari haven't arrested Boko-Haram Leader. According to the Senior Pastor of awaiting the second coming of Christ ministry, Terrorism has been turned into a broad day business in the country.

He quizzed the motive of Buhari's government for rescuing the schoolboys from Kankara within 7 days after they were captured by the terrorist group that has killed thousands ot Nigerians within the past 9 years. Giwa wondered in his statement, why Leah Sharibu is still under the net of Boko-Haram terrorists after two years.

In his statement released to the media on Friday, 18 December, he said, “In case you are wondering why they have not been able to capture Shakarau, the leader of Boko Haram,” terrorism has been turned into a business in Nigeria."

He said he finds it very difficult why it is very easy for the President to rescue the schoolboys but it hasn't be easy for him to rescue the girl that was abducted by the same group of people in 2018.

According to Torixus, the Cleric said that the President needs to apply the same tectics he used to rescue the boys to immediately free the Young Girl, Leah Sharibu.

Recall, we reported that hundreds of school boys were kidnapped a week ago in Northwestern part of the country. On Thursday, they were freed by the terrorist group and they reunited with their various families.

According to the statement released by the Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari during NTA. He said that 344 boys held in the Rugu Forest in neighbouring Zamfara State had been freed.

He stressed that the Nigerian Army went to the area where the School boys were held captive and were ordered by the terrorist group not to fire any weapon.

Reacting to the Reveal made by the Governor, the clergyman said, "“Nigeria is a funny nation and terrorism has become a business as usual between the security and terrorist groups. How can you manage to secure the release of over 300 students in less than a week but you find it difficult to rescue Leah Sharibu?

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