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Significant Signs of Highly Intelligent People

1. They only have few friends

This Kind of people might have many acquaintances, but they have few people that they call their friends. They are very selective in making friends.

2. They don't appreciate conversations that are not Rooted

People of this quality hate discussions that are not deep. They don't like talking about celebrities, the weather or the Latest trend. They like to discuss about nature, science, policies and about the world.

3. They are very Curious

Their minds are always open to accept any teaching that comes their way. They don't belittle anyone. They can learn from the smallest and accept advises when needed.

4. They are Good in listening to People.

They know that they have more to gain when they listen. They give their ears in other to learn.

5. They like staying Alone.

They like a lonely life. They find gesture in staying in a place where no one will disturb them. They like reflecting on their values an objectives alone. This kind of people don't like wasting time with crowd of people.

6. They invest a lot in themselves.

This personality knows very well that their mind is the greatest asset they have. Because of this, they put a lot of energy in controlling their emotions and their feelings.

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