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Some Businesses that You can Start with Less Than N9,000

A lot of Nigerians faced strong difficulties during the period of Covid-19 kickdown. The federal Government of Nigeria imposed a total lockdown on businesses during the first wave of coronavirus in the country. This affected many businesses and made many people to go bankrupt. Never the less, I will be sharing with people who have digital skills some tips on how to convert their skills to business and make money to flow in their direction. The 9,000 Naira for start up is just for the purchase of Data. Majority of work is based on their Creativity to excel.

Your Mobile Phone, Data Connection and Pen / paper are the only required materials to start up.

E-commerce: This is the number one lucrative business you can start while in the comfort of your home. Just have a product, go to marketing website and upload it there.

Writer: You can make a lot of money as a freelancer. You can register under any writing. Platform and make money while doing what you know how to do Best.

Joining Fiverr: This is a home for freelancer. You will be given some amount of works based on your profession. You can earn awesomely as a developer, graphic designer and as video creator.

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