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67-Year-old President of Mexico, Andres Declared Covid-19 Positive After Worst Week of Pandemic

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made a statement on Sunday, revealing that he has contracted Covid-19 pandemic amid the current deadliest week of the pandemic in the country. Torixus learned that the current wave of the viral infection has pushed the country's health system in the nation's capital to its limits.

The former heavy smoker reportedly stopped smoking after having major Heart attack eight years ago. The 67-year-old President released a tweet saying that his symptoms of him were minor and that he is currently receiving treatment.

President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

For over 10 months, the President has refused to water face mask while approaching the public. "As always, I am optimistic," said Lopez Obrador.

The President who is Scheduled to have a phone conversation with Russian President, Vladimir Putin on Monday said that he will continue his duty as the President and that his current state of health of him won't hinder his activities of him.

Some Mexicans have castigated his approach by him in managing the health crisis that has claimed 150,000 lives in the country.

Torixus understood that the president has maintained a very busy scheduling meeting with his security chiefs every morning than holding daily 2 hours new conference. During the weekend days, he tours the nation, just as he did when in opposition.

Many people working with him have contracted the viral infection within the past few months. But he always insisted that his health is top notch and that he has taken serious measure concerning his health since z 2013.

A senior Mexican health official, Jose Luis said, "Fortunately, the president is stable at the moment, the symptoms are mild,"

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