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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

I decided to use this common phrase of advice as headline in other to retell you how important it is for You to be Yourself. Being yourself is a great achievement you have to long in obtaining. You have to understand that you true self are fearless and unmasked.

Being Your true self is dusting all the labels and judgments that people, society and you have placed on Yourself. We become who we are when we let go those judgements made by other people in our life. Scenes that resulted to this judgments and labeling are there to shape you into becoming better and not to hold you down or turn you against yourself.

Connect your ' inner child' and loosen up a little bit.

Children are the most happiest beings on Earth because of their nature. Because of their attitude towards attacks and hate that comes to them. For example, two children will engage in quarrel or fight. The next minutes, they are already playing and embracing themselves. You see. We' ve accumulated many hate in our heart and this is what is killing us. What are we struggling for? how Many Years Do You think you will live on this Earth? Why accumulating hatred everyday by Day. Is true you are innocent, but you have to free your mind from those moments that was bitter for You. Life Goes on. Don't live in the past because someone maltreated or betrayed you. Let Go. Be like a child.

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