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Fulani Herdsmen At It Again As They Use Gun Bullets To Shatter A Woman's Jaw And Fingers In Ogun State (Photos)

Report that we received today is that suspected Fulani herdsmen shot a woman named Morenikeji Salami, while she was going to her site in Ijebu- North Local Government Area of Ogun State. She was reportedly shot in Oru- Awa Road.

On Saturday, the injuries sustained by the woman were captured in a recent video that went viral on the internet.

Punch news reported that the attackers, who were eight in number, emerged from a thick bush, chopped one of her fingers and shattered her jaw with bullets.

The victim was said to have raced into some herds and tried making a quick U- turn but was apprehended and attacked at the spot.

In the video clip that lasted for over four minutes, the deceased was seen being treated in a hospital, struggling in pains as nurse attended to her wounded body.

In the video, a female voice was heard asking the daughter of the victim a few questions about the attack.

When the daughter was asked what happened, she replied saying that her mom was on her way to her site in Idofe after a road that leads to Oru along Quarry. She said her mother saw some cattles while driving on the path and she tried reversing her call immediately, but was surrounded by some Fulani herdsmen who came out of the bush.

She noted that the eight Fulanis shot at all the four tyres and went to block her car. She said that one of the herdsmen wanted to shoot her. And after begging, he went on to shoot her fingers.

She told newsmen that the attackers released a bullet and shattered her mother' s jaw and mouth region and later examined her head to check if she is still living.

She added, " My mother said she pretended as if she had died. One of her fingers was blown away by the bullets. She said she pretended as if she was dead. So, they went back into the bush. She said she managed to get down from the car after waiting for them to go.

Torixus was told that the victim was taken to some hospitals but was rejected. Including the state- owned hospital, Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital rejected the woman.

She said she had to travel some distance to the Lagos State Hospital, Ikeja, before she could get treatment.

The state' s police public relations officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the report, saying that the incident occurred on 11th day of January, 2021 and that three suspects were arrested.

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