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Gov. Akeredolu slams Buhari for saying he lacks the Power to chase Herdsmen away from Ondo forests

Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state and President Buhari 

Governor Akeredolu slammed President Buhari's stand on his directive for herdsmen to leave Ondo forests, saying it pointed to a big threat to the corporate existence of the country.

Torixus reported earlier that the state Governor  made a statement, giving herdsmen seven days to leave state's owned Forest reserves due to criminals activities that were traced to that zone.

Reacting to the order given by Akeredolu, the President in a new publication made known to the media on Tuesday by the President's media aide, Shehu Garba, said the Governor doesn't have the power to drive the herdsmen out of the forest reserve.

The Presidency said the governor's "Action could set off a chain of events which the makers of our constitution foresaw and tried to guard against."

During the early hours of Wednesday, the information commissioner of Ondo state, Donald Ojogo, released a statement signed by the state Governor, expressing his vexation over the President's reaction, accusing him of being emotionally attached to the herdsmen.

Speaking further, Mr. Ojogo noted that, “The Ondo State Government did not ask Fulani to leave the state. The governor said herdsmen who are unregistered should leave our forests.

“The statement from Garba Shehu is a brazen display of emotional attachments and it’s very inimical to the corporate existence of Nigeria."

“The question is, are the herdsmen who are perpetrating murder, kidnapping, and robbery more important than government and even the Federal government in this case?

“Ethnic nationality and activism on the part of anyone hiding under the Presidency or federal government is an ill wind.” he said.

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