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See The 22-Year-Old Medical Student That Makes Shoes in Ibadan (Photos)

Nigeria, a country of over 200 million people is well-known for her natural resources that covers many lands and borders. The country, also called the Giant of Africa is the World Head quarter of poverty with 86.9 million people living in abject poverty. Despite having natural resources that could turn every stone to bread.

Due to corrupt practices in high and low level of government, the country has been shaped as one that could not aid in lives of her citizen. This has affected almost every living soul residing in the nation that lies in between Chad and Benin.

Millions of people are working through the streets of different states of the federation with empty stomachs. Many programmes had been launched by past governments and the current government to help curtail hunger, but non have a significant change.

All commodities are on the rise due to instability and poor state of the economy. This has affected both business owners and consumers of goods and services.

Due to bad governance, Millions of graduates are still searching for white-kola Job, while others have joined the labour market, keeping their certificate aside. Some parents have made it to be a point of duty to enroll their children in learning one skill or the other before proceeding to Join their mates in different high institutions.

According to the report made known to the media on 24 August, 2020 by Nairamatrics, over 2.9 million graduates have no job. And their numbers are on the rise as day passes. 
Girl making shoe
Goodnews at her Workshop. 

A 22-Year-old Nigerian lady has paved way for herself as she has been recognized as one of the most passionate Lady during what she loves doing.

For Decades of years, women have been relegated to the background on certain career and business paths, based on gender-bias. But  recently, there’s been a shift. One of such ventures that are fast becoming the delight of many women is the shoemaking business. This business has long been a venture associated with and dominated by men in southeast region of the country.

Torixus learnt that Goodness Adeosun is currently a medical student undergoing a professional course at college of medicine, University of Ibadan.

Despite studying one of the hardest course in the country, Goodness has made it a routine to engage herself with her shoe making business. 

Our reporter (Torixus) noted that she has been doing this job for some years and now, she is widely known for her art. 

In Nigeria, shoe making Job seems to be left for men only. So it's very surprising to see a woman doing the job.

Because of this, Goodness has received thousands of accolades from members of the public. Especially on social media. She is currently heading to 15 thousand followers on twitter.

On Friday, she posted photos, showing when she was struggling with the making process. She Posted the photos with the caption, "Most stressful part , pressing the shoe to the sole , using your strength instead of hammer."

More Photos Below:
Lady a shoemarker

Female student making shoe in ibadan

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