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After the Minister of Defence Said Nigerians Should Protect Themselves, See the Replies People Gave to Him

Overtime, people had categorized Twitter to be a dangerous platform for the weak. Netizens are using the social platform to drag those that their opinion doesn't go well with theirs. This has been the case since yesterday, February 17, 2021 after the Minister of Defense, Bashir Magashi, made a comment that is still surprising most people in the country.

Torixus reported that the Minister of Defense, Bashir Magashi, said that Nigerian people shouldn't be cowards when seeing attacks from bandits and criminals.

He made the statement few hours after we posted a short clip showing tens of people who were abducted by an unknown gunmen in Rafi Local Government Area of ​​Niger State. The abductors also reportedly killed one person during their attack in the Government owned school.

He made the statement after undergoing a screening that was conducted by House of Representatives in Abuja.

He said that the security of the nation is not the sole responsibility of the military. He airing that the Nigerian people must surely join the fight against criminal elements.

“Why should people run away from minor, minor aggressions? We should stand and face them. If these people know that the people have the competence and capability to defend themselves, they will run away, ”He said

Watch The Video Showing When The Minister Of Defense, Bashir Magashi Told Nigerians to Protect Themselves.

Few hours after the video of his statement by him was shared online, the Minister was under fire for making that kind of comment.

Many people disagreed with his opinion of him and lambasted him for saying that security isn't the sole responsibility of the military.

A Twitter user named Olúwátìmílẹ́hìn ° R.WCrownEarth said that, "his children are probably not in Nigeria. He is saying villagers (innocent Nigerians) should do" strong chest "when faced with ammunitions.

We all keep blaming the president, don't expect a leader to perform with this kind of people around him. "

Another social media user with the handle, @ babskay24 said that the defense minister's security should leave his reach for him so that his strength would be put in taste.

@_keepgoingat_it wrote, "Total balderdash! Absolute meaningless talk./Asking civilians to stand and face armed bandits is totally a terrible advise. Body count go plenty !!! This govt is so bankrupt of ideas."

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