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Jonathan Speaks about Giving Bandits Ransom, See What he said (Watch Video)

A retired Nigerian army officer, Brigadier General Jonathan Ndam Temlong, has differentiate the attacks that was launched by Niger Delta militant some years ago and bandits attack in the country.

Gen. Jonathan said that there is big difference between bandits and Niger Delta militant. He said that one is fighting for resources, while the other is fighting for no just cause.

He made the comment on Wednesday, 17 February, 2021, while having an interactive section with a Channel TV presenter.

The Brigadier General who served in senior military and defence role said, "I feel terribly bad when people try to compare what is happening now with what was happening in Niger Delta. You can't compare the two.

"Those people were fighting for resource. What resource are this people fighting for now? Apart from carrying people, dehumanizing them and killing them. How can you just go to someone's village and kill him for no reason" he said

Speaking further, President of the Alumni Association of National Defence College (AANDEC), Temlong advised Government of buhari never to pay Ransom to bandits, because it would fuel more attacks.

"Paying for Ransom in the first place you are fueling arm terrorism. With the government policy of saying they are not going to give ransom is the correct thing. Internationally, that's what they do."

He also said that every criminal should be punished base on the degree of his or her crime.

Watch the video below:

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