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Minister of Defence Under Fire for Saying that Security is not the Sole Responsibility of the Military

The Nigerian minister of Defence is under fire, few hours after he made a statement that didn't go well with millions of Nigerians, concerning security issues.

Recall, we reported that the Minister on Wednesday told reporters that security isn't the sole responsibility of the military. Airing that the safety and retention of peace in the country is the responsibility of everybody.

The Minister of Defence, Bashir Magashi, after undergoing a screening in the house of Representatives on 17th day of February, 2021, said that people shouldn't turn to cowards just because bandits are attacking.  

In a video clip that was shared online, the Minister maintained that everyone must Join the fight against bandits and other Criminal elements if they want peace in the country.

Watch The Video Showing When The Minister Of Defense, Bashir Magashi Told Nigerians to Protect Themselves

After his statement surfaced online, the minister was attacked by internet users for Saying that the sole responsibility of the military isn't to maintain peace. 

@iAmFridayDemola wrote, "He's literally saying, the people should not run when they are being attacked by the criminals moving from village to village! He's not reasoning well, and how dare him called the innocent people cowards?" 

 A Twitter user named Prince Michael Ehimen said, "This is so Insulting to those that have been heard Hostage and at the mercy of these territories. How dare the minister charge citizen to defend themselves against RPGs and AK47, And instead of proscribing this vagabonds as TERRORIST they sugarcoat the names to Bandits." 

@kompletefotos attacked the Minister saying, "When we have incompetent people at the helms of affairs, we will continue to hear this type of senseless talks. In a country where we do not bear arms, we are not trained in any form of combat or defense yet we are being asked to stand up to those who are using AK 47."

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