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Shocking! Man Chops Off His Wife's Two Hands Because She Couldn't Bear Him A Child In Kenya (Photos)

Kenyan man sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for chopping off his wife 's hands de ella because she couldn' t bear him children

A man has landed himself into big trouble after he attempted to kill the woman he once claimed to love.

A Kenyan man has now been sentence to spend the next 30 years in Jail for attempting to kill his wife. He was also sentenced for chopping off his wife 's two hands.

Torixus recalled that Mr. Stephen Ngila involved himself in domestic violence and in the process chopped off his wife de él, Mrs. Jackline Mwende 's hands de ella with a sharp machete some years ago in Machakos county. The man chopped off his wife 's hand from her because she couldn' t give him a child after seven years of marrying her into his house from her.

On Tuesday, 9th February, the Man in his late 30s was found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to serve in Jail. The 39- year- old Ngila was given 14 days to appeal to the court ruling.

The court of Machakos through Judge Brenda Bartoo said ruled that the honorable court had taken note that the accused was not even remorseful for the evil he committed.

The law Court wrote down that the evil committed was very grave and the victim in the statement does not wish for any restitution, "she outlined while giving factors that informed the term.

"Therefore I proceed and sentence you for the offense of attempted murder contrary to section 220 (A) of criminal code," she said in her ruling.

The victim of the incident that happened few years ago told the honorable court that her man de ella chopped off her de ella hand de ella 's de ella with a shape machete just because she' s yet to have a Babe for him.

Since the report surfaced online yesterday, many netizens punished the Man 's action and wished for more greater punishment for the man.

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