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Here Is The Reason For The ‘Ballooning’ Number Of Celebrities In Nigeria

I am very sure that you will agree with me on the case that there are many celebrities in Nigeria and other places in the world unlike before. 15 years ago, we had few people that we recognised as celebrities and majority of them were Actors and Musicians.

Now, there are to many of them in the streets of Lagos and other eco in Nigeria, United States and other countries who have large number of social media users. 

During our early age, we often go about with this certain conspiracy that celebrities sold their souls to the devil in other to get famous. I Recalled when people were parading a false theory that stated that Wizkid is a member of the anti-christ and that he won't live to see his 40th birthday because he signed to die young because of fame and wealth.

Another conspiracy was paraded in 2008, saying that Olamide is also a member of a secret society. There are numerous conspiracies about celebrities being cultist and it all based that gaining fame isn't that too easy.

As time pass, we've get to understand how the coin role, we now see children of 16,17,18, and even 20 turning to become high profile personalities even when they don't fully understand what life is. This made the cord of ignorance to exit from thoughts of many people who were falsely engaged in believing that celebrities are cultists.

Passing down in detailing the reason why the world of today have many celebrities unlike before, I want you to be aware that without the advance use of Smartphone and the use of social media platforms, many might still be living in dark ages, believing what is not true.

The rise in number of celebrities is due to the innovation of social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social platforms.

Instagram and Tiktok taking the front seat. These two Applications have made Queens and Kings who can comfortably take care of their families without having a professional Job. They Will just seat, create content and gain money from Advertisements attached to their comic or creative contents.

This has made many people to Answer, celebrity in recent time. The number of Instagram influencers in Nigeria might be more than the number of people living in Angola. Every young Girl that looks beautiful and have clothes to wear can easily venture to the course of influencing.

A Popular Nigerian Producer and Record boss, Don Jazzy during the month of February, 2021 said that the number of celebrities in Nigeria is now getting bigger than than that of fans.

"These celebrities don Dey plenty pass us fans now o. " he said.

This is the actual Truth and we thank God for that, became it has paved way for a lot of people who doesn't joke with consistency.

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