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If You Want To Live Long, Please Stop Making The Mistake of Cooking Rice Without Doing This First

Almost everyone loves rice. Rice is one food that can't change. Is always pleasing to eat no matter who and where it was made. I can confidently tell you that the food is the most popular food in the world. If rice can serve as a music artist, then it is Michael Jackson. The food is very rich in taste and can serve as combination to many local and intercontinental dishes. If you are to ask someone his or her favourite foods, the person would mention rice before calling the first five.

Rice is the most consumed food in Nigeria. It is a natural grain that contains a meaningful number of starch and also arsenic. According to research, many diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer can occur in the body that has excess storage of starch and arsenic. This is the one reason why it is advisable for one to avoid the steady intake of rice no matter how available and loving it is to you.

Your body is exposed to health problems when you don't cook rice the way you should. In this publication, I'll be showing you some steps you have to take while making your rice in other to prevent your life from cutting short.

1. Wash the rice thoroughly.

While cooking your rice, you should make adequate sure that you wash it before putting inside the pot for cooking. Washing it helps to remove arsenic and excess of starch.

2. Parboil the rice.

After washing your rice, don't forget to parboil it in other to also eradicate excess of arsenic that are clothed in the energy-giving food.

3. Filter the water after Parboiling.

This is the third most important thing to do. You have to filter the water after parboiling it and when putting it back to the pot, follow it up with fresh warm water.

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