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Igbo Muslim Leader, Kabir Orjiegbulam Issues Last Warning To Igbos Threatening Him On Phone (Video)

A well known Igbo Muslim leader named Muhammad Kabir Orjiegbulam has issued  strong warning to his brothers and sisters who are calling him on daily basis to threaten him.

He made a video few days ago, calling out names of people who are accusing him of working hand-in-hand with Hausa/Fulani in mitigating the progress of achieving a sovereign state.

As seen by Torixus, the Muslim faithful detailed that he received series of calls from different people threatening to denature him if he doesn't stop working against Biafra, as they claimed.

Speaking further, the IMO state indigene aired that he can never stop anyone from agitating for a sovereign state became he has no business with that. He added that his work is to educate Non Muslim Igbos about Islamic Religion and that for over 30 years of answering a Muslim, he has never forced anyone to accept the faith.

He continued by calling out Names of Igbos that told people to kill him anywhere they see him. He said that he made the short clip to pass the last warning before he proceed with actions that would make those behind the scene of threat and propaganda to perish

While publishing the video, Orjiegbulam said, "I Muhammad Kabir Orjiegbulam . I am Igbo like you and I have chosen Islam as my Religion. This is my advice to you that think feel Igbo Land is yours. Stop calling my phone and threatening me. Sharing my pictures and telephone number asking the Igbos to kill me.

"That I am Agent of Hausa/Fulani that I am working against Biafra. Enough of this please. I have all your numbers and Facebook names Today is 21st March 2021. Last warning. Don't say I didn't warn you." 

In the video clip that was shared on Torixus Instagram page on Tuesday, 23rd March, 2021, The owner of Islamic calling Family, was seen calling out names of Igbos who allegedly ordered people to kill him. He also made More reveals that isn't detailed in this post. Watch the below video and hear what he said;

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