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Meet The 19- Year- Old Boy Who Makes Use Of Artificial Heart To Remain Alive

We often complain of not what we desires or want, but we fail to recognize the gift of life and health. That' s why, in every condition you found yourself, be grateful because some people are praying to be like you. The life we have today is by his Grace and not by our power.

Is very understanding that many are passing through hard times. If you are facing challenges, I want you to compare it to that of the boy we are going to talk about today. This young man goes about with artificial Heart in other to be alive.

The 19 year old boy named Mr Chadarius Johnson was born in mid- south. He started carrying an artificial Heart at his back at the age of 19.

Before we proceed, I will like to tell you more about artificial Heart. It is a machine of heart transplant. The artificial heart substitutes the two lower chambers of the human heart, which is the left and right ventricles and also helps in making sure that blood is transported in the system.

Information we gathered revealed that the said boy named Chadarius Johnson loves playing basket ball game all the time. He disclosed how his ill health started and according to him, he was at the court playing basket ball and he recalled telling his coach to end the time, when the coach called the time out, the next thing he knew was that he saw himself laying on a hospital bed.

Speaking to his personal Doctor on his case, Dr John Ransom said that the problem is a rare to survive and that the boy had congestive heart failure.

Doctor John said that when the boy was playing basketball, he had issues of heart rhythm and that he died immediately. He said it will was a miracle that he was saved.

Initially, the hospital added a pacemaker thinking that it would save him, but medical doctors later installed an artificial Heart after the found out that the pacemaker wasn' t helping matter.

After the doctor installed the artificial Heart, Johnson has been moving around with it on his backpack in other to remain alive.

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