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Painful Confession: My Family Hates Me Because I Am HIV Postive, Nobody Wants To Associate With Me

This life we live is full of mysteries, sometimes we don't actually have control about what happens in our lives, we might decide when to sleep, but we can't decide if we will wake up or not. We can decide to go to work or school, but we can't decide if we will come back alive or dead. We can wash our clothes are spread for sun to do justice, but we can't tell the sun when to shine and we can't tell the rain when to fall. The life of this young girl we are talking about can be detailed from the above explanation. Imagine waking up to realise that you've contracted HIV/AIDS.

A single Kenyan Lady named Anastacia Muthoni Wangu, is a living testimony. She survived the deadly virus called HIV/AIDS. The Nyahururu faced discrimination from members of the public and even her loved ones.

According to her, she became an adult just like very other person and she later got married in accordance with the tradition and norms. She said she was faithful and committed to her partner and never saw another man. 

But, she explained that she has been a Victim of small ill health. She could get small cut and it would take a long period of time to heal. Sometimes, it will cause strange wounds in her private parts. Because of this frequent diseases, she decided to run series of tests and to her surprise, she was HIV positive.

At first, she thought that she was infected by her husband and when she told her husband about her health state, her husband landed on her and gave her beating that she was shocked while receiving the distress. She was later chased away and she decided to visit her father's house.

She travelled back to her father's house with her 7 year old child and while standing at the gate, the father chased her away and said he can never live with a dying daughter.

She wasbty spare by both her mother and sibling. She was later given a space in a room where animals lived. She and her son started sharing the same space with goats and sheep.

According to her, what pained her the most was how she was rejected by her people, even her mother and brother. She said she was stigmatised and was rejected in anywhere she goes.

You should know that HIV is not a death sentence. Stigmatizing an HIV patience is the real death sentence. Many people have committed suicide because of stigma and it needs to stop.

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