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See Photo Of Alleged Cultist, Ugochukwu Igwilo Aka Tata Who Was Slaughtered And Beheaded By A Rival Group In Abia

Recall, on Friday Torixus published a shocking video showing when a 27 year old Nigerian identified as Mr. Nzubechukwu Victor, was giving detail explanation of how him and other cultists killed and disengaged the head of one Mr. Ugochukwu Igwilo also known as Tata.

In the video, the self acclaimed cultist confessed that he is belongs to Supreme Vikings Confraternity, and claimed that Mr. Ugochukwu Igwilo was a member of Neo - Black Movement (Black Axe Confraternity), which is a rival group to Supreme Vikings Confraternity. Be confessed that he killed the Igbo boy on March 6th.

In this article, we will be showing you pictures of alleged cultist, Ugochukwu Igwilo also known as Tata that was killed by cultists in a Southeast state, Abia.

The above pictured photo displays Tata, the guy who was slaughtered by group of cultists in Abia. Torixus reported that Nzubechukwu and his cult group were videoing the moment when they beheaded Tata and harvested his two legs. Report confirmed that they later give a native Doctor Tata's private regions and his legs and hands and the native Doctor used  it to make charms for them.

The murderer, Nzubecbukwu is a final year student undergoing a course at Maritime Academy, Oron in Akwa Ibom state before he was apprehended by the Nigerian police under the unit of Intelligence Response Tea.

A  member of the deadly group, Prince Kalu was also apprehended by the Nigerian police. The apprehended Kalu was reported to be the one who served as Gatekeeper when others were harvesting the body of late Tata. 

In our current world, a lot of things are going on. We have less idea of atrocities been pushed by criminal and deadly elements that lacks human conscience. The police force are always arresting criminal elements and serving them the punishment they deserve, but upon that, we still hear series of report of crime related story.

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