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Nigerians React After Seeing Don Jazzy's Rumoured Son On Michelle's Page

Nigerians have reacted to the photo of the alleged Son of popular Nigerian Producer and Melvin Record Boss, Michael Collins Ajereh, known professionally as Don Jazzy, which was published on Instagram by the Producer's divorced wife, Michelle.

During the afternoon hours of Saturday, 3 April, 2021, Don Jazzy went to his over 10 Million followed Instagram page to Post a photo, showing when he wedded Nigerian Writers and Model, Michelle Jackson in 2003.

The singer revealed he married the writer 18 Years ago, at a time when he was just 20 years of age. Disclosing further, the 38 year old Entrepreneur and Philanthropist noted that he divorced his Best friend because he was too focused on his music career and nothing Else.

He also unmasked that the marriage lasted for only two years because he didn't strive in making the marriage work as caused by his love for the craft.

After making the disclosure, thousands of Netizens went to Michelle's Page and commented on the photo of the young boy purported to be Don Jazzy's son. 

A social media user with the handle, @jioka said that they stormed the page to see the alleged Don Jazzy's son.

"We are here for our son. He looks exactly like the Don. What a sweet fine Man. I think you Guys can make up together again." He said

Others weighed in concerning the conspiracy that the boy is Don Jazzy's, airing that the claim might be true, considering the fact that the Model didn't expose any further photo of a man in her page.

Don Jazzy hasn't made any announcement concerning having a son and he is yet to debunk the claim that he welcomed a son with the Writer.

Torixus gathered that the writer base in London, United Kingdom, where she runs her affairs and that of her Son, who she always refer to as Superman.

On First day of May, 2019, She went to her instagram page to write, "My little superman. Love you dearly my little bean You know when you pray for someone to love you to the very bones... you think Jah will answer with some romantic mr lover lover, but i know this little fella was my answer."

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