Heartbreaking Video Of A Boy Eating White Rice Soaked In Water Surface Online

A heartbreaking video has surfaced online showing when an unnamed boy was eating white rice that was soaked inside water in one of the states in Nigeria.

The video of the moment was shared by popular Nigerian blogging platform, Saintavenue. It posted the video on its official Instagram page on Tuesday, 19 October, and said, "We all deserve good food. Life must be nice."

Judging from the video, one would agree that the young boy was enjoying the meal, a food combination that has been considered unhealthy for consumption.

The video has caused reactions on the internet as many asked for the boy's contacts address. Some tasked the government of the country to do 'free food program' for both school children and those out of school.

Watch the Video Below:

"This is really heartbreaking to watch. How can he be enjoying this as food. O.M.G. I wish the government would start conducting free food program to both children on the streets and those in school." 

An Instagram user, @yassminaa11_n, who seems not to be a Nigerian said, "You have rich people in your country! if this video is shared in my country, people will find this boy and feed him."