Woman Kills Her Husband With Lover's Help, Said He Died Of Heart Attack

As per report from the police, the accused woman and her lover conspired and killed her husband after he discovered that the wife was having affairs with another man.

It said that the prime suspect gave her partner sleeping pills and while he was asleep, she smothered him with a bed pillow. The woman and her lover were later apprehended by the authority for committing the crime.

The Indian Times said that the 35-year-old woman named Dipti Patel and her lover identified as Mr. Saurabh Suthar, were sent to the crime branch on 16 October, 2021. 

As per report, on 20 August, The accused called the emergency hotline and informed the authority that her husband identified as Bipinchandra Patel suffered of heart attack. The authority came to their home and took the man to a local health centre, where he was announced dead. Subsequently, he was buried according to tradition.

While investigating the incident that surrendered the death of the man, the crime branch gathered that the man didn't die of heart attack but that he was killed. Following this reveal, the man's wife was questioned and shocking revelation was made. She confessed that she and her lover killed Bipinchandra after he discovered that Suthar was having affairs with his wife. 

The Times of India disclosed that the Suthar bought a sleeping medicine with the help of his friend who is a nurse at the hospital in Mehmadabad. Suthar, after buying the pills gave it to the prime suspect. The victimss wife then dissolved the pills into milk which she gave her husband. At night, she noticed that her husband was far asleep, she used pillow to smother him. 

The next morning, she picked up the phone and informed the authority that her husband died of heart attack.