Angel And Erica's Range Rover: Reasons Why Fr Kelvin Should Withdraw His Statement

Everyone makes mistake. Often, we see religious leaders, celebrities and popular entrepreneurs weighing into matters that doesn't concern them for the core purpose of saying their mind and also to use the opportunity to teach their Followers.

Popular Catholic Priest, Rev Fr. Kelvin Ugwu is among this group of people. The clergyman is known for his routine comment concerning trending events and controversy.

Recently, the priest reacted to a new trending story, which i suggest, he should withdraw. The clergyman reportedly reacted to the recent achievements of two female reality stars. 

Two days ago, we reported that Angel Smith And Erica, bought their first Range Rover and the two reality stars shared photos of their cars on their social media platforms on November 7. Erica showed off her brand-new car on her Instagram story, while Angel Smith showed off her own car on her Instagram page.

24 hours after they showed off their new cars, the popular preacher reacted. While reacting, he said that it "comes from a poverty mentality or the desire to prove an unnecessary point to people", when someone shows off his or her new car. He condemned the act displayed by the two reality stars.

However, The Catholic Priest should withdraw his comment for some reasons.

Erica And Angel Are Celebrities

We all know that Erica and Angel are celebrities. Sometimes, their fans needs to know about some things that happens in their lives and that's why their recent acts shouldn't be condemned.

He Is Making People Hate Him

This is the second reason why Kelvin Ugwu should withdraw his comment. Some people might hate him because of this.

Many people following the Catholic priest in different social media platforms are fans of Angel and Erica. And they won't be happy with Kelvin's new statement.