Don't Judge: 2 Possible Reasons Why The SUG President Paraded With Escorts

Since today, the internet has been going agog over the recent photos of the Students Union government (SUG) President of the federal university of Dutse. The SUG President of the said university was seen parading himself like a typical Nigerian politician.

Torixus media reported that the unnamed SUG President was seen parading round the university environment with escorts. 

According to the photos that made round, the SUG President was also captured on camera in a car with a customised plate number which reads "SUG 01FUD" 

After the photos made round the internet, thousands of Netizens, including the spokesperson of the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, Joe Igbokwe, attacked the undergraduate.

However, we gathered possible reasons why the said SUG President franked himself with escorts, while making way into the university environment.

He Is Practicing What He Is being Taught 

It will interest you to know that the Federal University of Dutse is the first conventional university in the country that offers a degree in Criminology and also Security Studies (CSS).

So, as part of the culture of the discipline, students takes advantage of every opportunity to practice what they are studying in school in other to enhance their professionalism.

We learnt that some times, students of the university at certain level are being assigned to take over the security activities of the school. They are assigned to conduct stop and search, do VIP protections and also engage in covert investigations. 

This is the first possible reason why I think that the SUG President paraded around the university with heavy escorts, as he was practicing what the school is teaching him.

He Is From a Wealthy Family

Torixus Media reported that the SUG president came from a rich home and has also chosen to work closely with the department's security unit. That is why he owns an extensive white Mercedes Benz.