Muslim Woman Captured On Camera Doing Deliverance (Watch Video)

A recent video that is currently making headlines shows a purported Muslim woman doing deliverance. She was captured on camera engaging in an act, that seems weird in the eyes of Muslim faithful.

Before now, deliverance ministers refers to Christian groups that specializes in rituals to cleanse people of evil spirits and dark powers. Deliverance is done to address issues manifesting in someone's life as a result of the presence of evil spirits in the person's life.

For ages, Christians are the only people known to be practicing this, but a recent video showed that Muslims are now doing deliverance rituals which are meant to cast demons, and help people overcome negative feelings, behaviors and experiences.

The unnamed Muslim woman was captured on camera doing the Christian-related activity in an undisclosed location. The video was shared on Monday, 8 November, 2021, by popular Nigerian blogging website, Torixus.

Watch the video clip below