Possible Reasons Why Peter Took His Twin Brother's Children For Shopping In The US

For more than 18 hours, the video of Peter Okoye, taking his twin brother's children for shopping has been making headlines in different online platforms. 

Torixus Media reported that the Nigerian musician kept aside the dispute between him and his twin brother, Paul Okoye, as he paid a visit to his family in an undisclosed location in the United State.

After visiting them at their residence, the musician took Paul's children to the mall. In a video posted by Torixus, he was seen driving Paul's daughter Nadia around in a cart during the shopping.


However, since the video of the moment surfaced online, Nigerians have been asking of the possible reason why the singer decided to put aside, his differences with his twin brother. Below are possible reasons why Peter took his twin brother's children for shopping in the United state of America.

Some weeks ago, the singer travelled to the US to shoot his music video. He has stayed in the country for some weeks and since he is in town, it is right for him to pay his nephews and niece a visit. 

Another possible reason why the singer took the step is because of the recent development between his twin brother and his estranged wife, Anite Okoye. Recall that Anite, filed for divorce some months ago. She relocated to America amidst the crisis in her marriage. 

Peter's visit was to serve as both physical and moral support for his brother's wife, Anita.

No matter what happens between brothers or siblings, there is always a thin line that draws them closer to themselves. That's why some said that 'blood is thicker than water'. No matter what happens, that unconditional love still remains.

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